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Activated Pro-Biome Indigenous Microbe Solution

Your Farming and Gardening Ally

Activated Pro-Biome Indigenous Microbe Solution is a blend of probiotic-infused predominantly anaerobic indigenous microbes in carbohydrate-rich molasses.

Christina Nikolic of The Organic Gardner's Pantry in Canada describes effective microbe solutions as "most important for the garden". "EM is a liquid mixture of important beneficial microorganisms that are known to work cooperatively to provide tremendous benefits for soil and plants."

Activated Pro-Biome Indigenous Microbe Solution should be used on a regular basis - preferably daily, but weekly and monthly applications are also effective and 1 to 2ℓ of this product goes a long way:

Irrigation for soil rehabilitation:

In and Around the Home:

Pro-Biome Activated Pro-Biome Microbe Solution is great for smelly drains, smelly rubbish bins, septic tanks and pit toilets (long-drops):

Important to Note:


How to Extend our Activated Indigenous Microbe Solution

A Step-by-Step Guide to Extending our Indigenous Microbe Solution

If your are a large-scale user of Pro-Biome Indigenous Microbes, e.g. for farming, it is worth learning how to extend our Activated product. Activated Pro-Biome Indigenous Microbes can be extended up to 20 times and the extended product is then applied to your irrigations system in the same proportions as stated above, i.e. 1:10 000 (1ℓ in 10 000ℓ). The advantage, of course, is that, after extension, 1ℓ Activated Pro-Biome Indigenous Microbe Solution is sufficient to treat 200 000 of water. The extension process, however, does require a degree of skill and some equipment (including a pH meter) This is an anaerobic process, so containers must be airtight. The extension process is biological and "gasses" (carbon dioxide and nitrogen) are given off once fermentation starts and these "gasses" must be bled off without air getting into the system (rather like brewing beer).

Step 1: Add 1 part Activated Pro-Biome Indigenous Microbe Solution and 1 part molasses to 20 parts water (do not use municipal tap water for this purpose as the chlorine in this water will affect the extending process).

Step 2: Seal container, ensuring that the container is air-tight.

Step 3: Depending on the ambient temperature (the higher the faster the process), a positive pressure as a result of the liberation of "gasses" will build up in the container. This happens after between 5 and 10 days have elapsed. This "gas" build-up needs to be bled off, wihout air entering the system.

Step 4: Once positive pressure within the container has been achieved, insert a bubbler into the container. A bubbler allows for excess "gasses" to bleed off out of the system, without air contaminating the process.

Step 5: The extending process should take between 2 to 4 weeks. When the "gasses" cease to be liberated through the bubbler, the extension process is done. Remove the bubbler, check the pH and seal the container once more.

NB: The pH of the extended solution MUST be below 3.8. If the pH is above 4, then the extending process has not been successful and the solution should be discarded.

Use the extended microbe solution for irrigation purposes in the ratios outlined above, i.e. 1:10 000.

Using IM, IM•5 and FPE prophylactically and curatively

Prohylactic Programme: On a weekly basis, alternate between spraying IM (1:250), IM•5 (1:500) and FPE (1:500) onto plants - ensuring that all exposed sections of the plant are reached (top and bottom of leaves and stems) as a disease and pest control preventative measure.

Curative Programme: On a daily basis, alternate between spraying IM (1:250), IM•5 (1:500) and FPE (1:500) onto plants - ensuring that all exposed sections of the plant are reached (top and bottom of leaves and stems) if an outbreak of disease or pests is detected. Do this for 14 days and then revert to the prophylactic programme.